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S as in blood, sweat, semen, saliva.

True olfactory coitus, "Magnificent Secretions" takes us to the summit of jouissance, this ever-new moment when desire triumphs over reason. The masculine tension, all in acute notes, releases its adrenaline discharge in a cascade of aldehydes. The freshness effect is striking. Then the perfume reveals its metallic side, precise, sharp as an unfulfilled desire. We are on the edge of the razor ... The sweaty skins have the flavor of musk and sandalwood. The marine effect, slightly salty, excites the taste buds and puts the water in the mouth. Languages ​​and sexes are found, pleasure explodes, and everything changes. Mechanics of the fluids, confusion of the kinds. This subversive, disturbing scent provokes full adhesion or rejection. The love games are rarely satisfied half measures ... Between Don Juan and the woman offered, it is the deposit of weapons, but who bows before whom?

It is claimed, I would not assure it, but some scholars persuade us that the chestnut blossom has the same positive odor as that prolific seed which it pleased nature to place in the kidneys of man for the reproduction of his similar. A young lady of about fifteen, who had never left her father's house, was walking one day with her mother and a pretty abbe in a chestnut-tree alley whose exhalation of flowers perfumed the air in the suspicious direction. that we have just taken the liberty of enunciating

- Oh my God, mother, the singular smell, said the young person to his mother, not noticing where she came from ... but feel, mom ... it's an odor that I know.

"Hold your tongue, miss, do not say such things, I beg you.

"Why, then, mamma, I do not see any harm in telling you that this odor is not foreign to me, and it certainly is not.

- But, miss ...

"But, mamma, I know her, I tell you; Monsieur l'Abbe, tell me, I beg you, what harm I do to assure Mother that I know that odor.

"Mademoiselle," said the abbe, pinching his crop and fluttering the sound of his voice, "it is quite certain that evil itself is a small thing; but it is that we are here under chestnut trees, and that we naturalists, we admit in botany that the chestnut flower ...

- Well, the chestnut blossom?

- Well, miss, it feels like the f ...



Iodized accord (fucus, azurone), adrenaline accord, blood agreement, milk agreement, iris, coconut, sandalwood, opoponax

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It's fruity and nice but I was expecting strong sweaty and semen smell

It actually smells quite good but I was expecting it to smell like gay gym, sweaty and full of testosterone. Now I feel like I just got out of a slumber party instead.

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